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The Bustins

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My immediate family includes:

My Dad, John Bustin whom everyone calls Jack

My Mom, Margaret Bustin, whom everyone calls Peggy

Myself, Lisa Bustin, 26

My Brother, Robert Bustin, 23, whom depending how long you've known him goes by Bobby, Bob or Rob and who never seems to get carded while I do whenever we go out!

My Brother, Brian, 16 who just got his drivers permit and also made the Varsity soccer team as starting goalie - what a summer!

My grandparents, Bernard and Margaret Godleski

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Out at Friday's for Brian's 15th birthday, July 4, 199   Lisa, Dad, Brian, Bob, Mom, Brian's Confirmation, 7/98

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My grandparents with my brother Brian, June 1998                             Brian, Bob and Lisa at Sardi's in NYC, March 1998

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Bob, Brian, Mom and Dad at the Women's                                 Parents and me at my GW graduation, May 1997

World Cup Semifinals, July 1999     


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