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Honeymoon Journal

April 10th:  Leaving Boston or in the air forever.....

Going to bed at 4 am and getting up at 6:30 is never a good idea or very easy.  I think we got up closer to 7 and Bruce and Judy arrived promptly at 7:15.  Our flight was around 10 am and theirs was around noon but we were going to go to the airport all together because they were taking Maverick 9our dalmation) back to Florida with them.  So with all of our baggage, the dog, and having to return their rental mini-van we needed all the extra hands!  We somehow manage to get out the door around 7:45 and there is little traffic and we get to Logan around 8 am.  Not bad.  First we stop at American and Michael and I check our bags and then Bruce drops the 3 of us and Maverick off at their terminal and we all go in to hang out while he returns the van.  Luckily there is a Starbucks in this terminal so I make a beeline over for a Venti Latte!  Caffeine!!!  And then I see Au Bon Pain and must go get a Raspberry Cheese croissant - I looove being off of the wedding diet - look out Hawaii!!  In my hunger I did manage to get beverages and food for everyone else as well have n fear - my bridezilla days are over!

By the time Bruce returns form the rental car place its 9 (those of you familiar with Logan will understand) so Michael and I leave for our terminal to catch our flight to Maui!  We had tried to upgrade to first class when we checked our bags but they said to check at the gate where alas we were informed they no longer do honeymoon upgrades (hmmph - even though one of my ibride friends had this happen to her...) but they did at least change our assignment to an empty row so it was just the 2 of us in the 3 seats - not first class but it would do.

Unfortunately some gauge is not functioning properly so we have to sit for about 30 minutes while they fix it.  Then we sit for another 20 minutes because they couldn't fix it and need to get clearance to fly with one de-icer valve clogged.  Finally we pull away from the gate and onto the runway.  As always the queue is huge and we sit and we sit.  They announce we are second in line for take off - almost there!  but no, another announcement - Air Force One is approaching so no other planes can land or take off.  So we sit for another 20 minutes.  We only had a little over an hour layover in LAX so by now I am very very very worried we will miss our connection in LA.  The stewardess says not to fear but....  And we're off.  Besides the take off adventure and a very kicky soccer team sitting behind us, a very uneventful flight.  But true to her word the stewardess moves us to first class about 15 minutes before landing so we can be first off the plane in LAX because we have about 10 minutes before our plane leaves!  She also gave us a bottle of wine for being honeymooners - I could get used to this!  And we do make our flight - we literally run through LAX with just enough time to try once again to upgrade to first class - hopeless though he says we're in a two seater row.  Wrong.  3 seater row with company.  Five hour flight.  Not the best.  

But we made it - we land in Maui around 6 pm local time - this is midnight east coast time and we are beat.  I can barely keep my eyes open and the Maui airport is a logistical nightmare - its one long long line.  And unfortunately we have to haul ourselves continuously form one end to the other - baggage claim then all the way to the check-in because we noticed a booking mistake on our ticket - all the way to the car rental at the opposite end - back to the check in and then back to pick up the car!