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The Readers

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The Readers:

Tamara Kaplan and Rebecca Preston Campbell:  Tammi and Becky are my oldest and dearest friends.  We all pretty much grew up together, Tammi was my next door neighbor from the age of 6 to 14 and Becky lived just down the block.  I can't imagine surviving Loyalsock without them - especially high school!   I could write pages and pages about everything we did together, from playing soccer when it was still a "boys" sport, to exploring streams, making leaf forts and cars, swinging in the hammock, ballet lessons, sleepovers, scaring each other to death over Poltergeists, making up our own code words using calculus functions so no one would know what we were talking about, to dress up pageants for our babysitters, snowball fights, bike rides, to always having someone to sit with during lunch hour!  These are the two greatest people imaginable and even though we are now separated by lots of distance, email and tons of history keeps us close.  That they agreed to fill these special roles at my wedding makes me so happy.  Both of them are such creative, unique, and talented individuals and I am happy they will share that in our wedding ceremony.  And I know I have some hysterical pictures of us as kids growing up, will have to do some digging and put them on this page!  But for now I'll be nice :-)

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Tammi, Becky and Lisa getting ready for Becky's wedding, November 9, 1996

Kenneth Caron and Christopher LaPre:  Yet another section Michael needs to fill in...

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