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Trang Dao: Trang is one of my very best friends from college - we met when she lived across the hall from me freshman year, when I often escaped to her room to avoid my bizarre roommate :-)  She has always been there for me, even through my most neurotic times, and I am very happy she will be standing next to me, calming me down, and helping me with my makeup on this very special day.

The Bridesmaids (in alphabetical order):

lisabonny.jpg (64726 bytes)Bonny Bustin:  Bonny is one of my many cousins.  We became close when I moved up to Boston to go to school, only about a half hour from her and her family.  Moving to a strange big city from a small town was just a little daunting and it was always comforting to know I had family close by.  I've been lucky to share many special times with Bonny and her family over the last nine years, especially having the honor of being Bonny's confirmation sponsor.  Not to mention all of the shopping sprees, yummy dinners, and most recently a trip to the theater!  I am very happy that she will be there with me on my wedding day.

kimlisa.jpg (69337 bytes)Kim Cerase:  I met Kim while I was waitressing at Bertucci's during my senior year of college.  We became close when we began working together as front of the house mangers - sharing many pizzas and pastas as we complained and moaned over our terribly inept staff :-)  Kim and I both love museums and the theater, and since Michael doesn't, she has always been a good friend in accompanying me to all of the shows.  Unfortunately she is moving west this fall to California, but she promises she'll be back for the wedding!    

lisahangdinner.jpg (76105 bytes)Hang Tran:   Hang is another one of my best friends from college.  She and Trang went to high school together, which is how I met her at Tufts.  While we were friends since freshman year, we didn't actually become close until junior year when we became roommates.  And something must have clicked as we lived together for the next four years :-)  Like all roommates who are also close friends we had our ups and downs, yes the truth is out - I am not easy to live with. My mother would be horrified but my college roommates nicknamed me "PigPen."  Hang is one of the funniest sweetest people I know and I am so happy she said yes to be in my wedding party!

lisapamsalzburg.jpg (73786 bytes)Pam Zorn: Pam was the first person I met at Tufts besides my freshman roommate.   We met in line at the convocation ceremony at Tufts, I was running late and was last in line.   Pam was in front of me, turned around, introduced herself and that was it.  We were friends and have been ever since.  And now nine years after that random meeting, she will be there with me on my wedding day which makes me very happy.