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The Wedding

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We've gotten most of our photos back and have posted a bunch (ok, a lot!) on  Clicking on the link below will take you to a page with a list of albums.  Click on the album you want to view and then you can click on individual photos for a better view.  If the link is not working, go to and under "View Member's Albums" enter the email address "" 

Lisa and Michael's Online Wedding Album (click here!)

Still trying to write a summary of our wonderful day - check out the April 2000 journal entries for the bride's eye account of the day and the days leading up to the event

One couple wrote the following poem for our "guest vase" and we just had to share it with everyone.  We absolutely loved it and could only wish to be so creative!  You know who you are and we thank you very much!  

It's Lisa and Michael's wedding night

And everything's perfect - it's turned out just right.

The setting was beautiful, the sun shining bright

but outside the chapel, we needed a kite!

The wind was a'howling; our hair was a fright

But Lisa held on to her veil, oh so tight

and Michael held Lisa with all of his might

And - by the way - we loved your website.

Thanks for inviting us - it was more than polite!

You're a wonderful couple - just out of sight!

We did receive one other poem, but it got a NC-17 rating....but thank you to the Neruda table - we loved your poem too!

Speaking of poems, this is one of the few things that got a little messed up - each table at the reception had a table number and a table poem.  This would explain why the placecards had authors names on them - something that caused confusion since the poem cards were placed behind the table number card!!  Though some people did figure it out - thank you Chris!  Click below to see which poem should have been at your table!

Poem Cards


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