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APRIL 9, 2000:  We Relax!

Well it's over.  Unbelievable!  We really had such an incredible time.  And one more party left to go - the Sunday Brunch!  We decided to host a brunch for our out-of-town guests at the Hyatt both in appreciation that they made the trip and for a chance to get to spend a little more time with them before they left.  So at 10 am we head down to the 2nd floor where Kristin our wonderful Coordinator at the Hyatt reseed a private room for us.  And there were already tons of people there!  We had thought it would be more drop in but we ended up having about 50 people there the whole time!

The food was yummy but basic - lots of fresh fruit, pastries, and cereal.  And lots of coffee which we needed after such a long night!  But it was fun and like the night before went too fast!  Some of the bridal party, Mike's family and friends, and my PA family was there - including the Godmother whose plane was snowed in (or at least grounded due to bad weather!!  Yes that's right after being 75 degrees Saturday for the wedding it SNOWED on Sunday!  We were so lucky.

But of course too soon everyone was leaving - and of course more mayhem as we all said goodbyes at once!  And then everyone was gone :-(  Just me, Michael, his parents, and Victor left packing up some fruit in doggy bags :-)  And then we all went back to our bridal suite - which we were actually in for less than 12 hours!  (How unfair) to relax a bit and then pack up all the presents and miscellaneous wedding paraphernalia that the great Hyatt Staff had brought into the room.  

Then we all went back to our house where Michael carried me over the threshold!  What a good husband!  And we pretty much dropped all the stuff off, went to Nicks House of Pizza for a late lunch (it was about 2 pm) and then said good-bye to Victor as Michael and I were going to go return the tuxes.  I was so sick of Burlington mall I couldn't even tell you.  And at this point I seemed to be really sick to my stomach as well - I think it was all the dissipating stress from the week before - my body was totally crashing.  But we dropped the tuxes off and were out of there much quicker than when we picked them up!  Then onward to pick up the pets at the kennel.  I think they were happy to see us - you just can't tell -- Maverick loves this kennel (its really just a woman's home) and at last we found out why - she gives him treats!  I guess we never said he's on a restricted diet and can't get any treats!  Oh well...

And finally back home.  Now its about 5 pm and Bruce, Judy, Aunt Dot and Aunt Bernice are all coming over for dinner around 7.  So a quick pseudo-clean-up and a sad attempt to pack for Hawaii, and then everyone arrives.  We hang out for a bit taking the grand tour of the house and then looking at some family photos.  Then off to Bertuccis for dinner.  

The day had disappeared.  We got back from dinner around 10 and planned to pack and go to bed.  But due to some earlier confusion that is really just too crazy to get into here, friends of Mike's parents came over around midnight to drop off all some furniture wedding presents!  Xiao Ping is a furniture designer and her stuff is very cool - very modern (Mike loves it!)  So we spent some time with them, and then after they left we opened some of our wedding cards and presents...and then we finally were packed and in bed at 4 am.  UGH!

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