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The Ceremony

The ceremony will be at 3 p.m. on April 8, 2000 at Goddard Chapel, Tufts University, Medford, MA

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Goddard Chapel, Tufts University

Goddard Chapel is a non-denominational chapel located in the Tufts Academic quad.  Being of different faiths, we wanted to have our marriage celebrated somewhere where we (and both of our families) would feel comfortable.  We immediately thought of the Tufts chapel.  Not only is the chapel non-denominational, but Tufts is where we met, started dating and fell in love.  The grounds of the campus have many special memories for us and we invite our guests to walk around the beautiful quad both before and after the ceremony. 

A visit to the library roof is highly recommended.  The library is built into the hillside so the roof is accessible from the top of the hill, directly across from the chapel. On a clear day the roof offers a breathtaking view of the  Boston skyline - and of course we're hoping for a clear day!

We will be having a Roman Catholic Ceremony.  A full Mass is not usually celebrated during inter-faith marriages.

Map of the Area Highway system in relation to Tufts

Map of the Tufts University Campus

Shuttle Bus:  We have arranged for a shuttle bus between the Hyatt and Goddard chapel for our guests.  The approximate departure time will be 2 pm with arrival at the chapel between 2:30 and 2:45 depending on traffic, and the approximate return time 4:30 pm with arrival at the Hyatt around 5 or 5:15 pm.

Directions to Goddard from the Hyatt:  Exit the Hyatt taking a RIGHT at the light onto Memorial Drive. Proceed STRAIGHT through the first two stop lights. After the second light move into the right lane. Go STRAIGHT through the third light. At the fourth light (1.7 miles from the Hyatt) take a RIGHT onto JFK. Staying in your right lane, go up JFK street STRAIGHT through the first 2 lights. You are in the heart of Harvard Square. At the third light you are forced to veer to the left Ė stay in the right lane but veer LEFT. You are now merging onto Massachusetts Avenue. Go STRAIGHT through the next light and you will come to a fork. Take the LEFT fork but stay to the right. Continue STRAIGHT, staying right, and at the next light you will have a RIGHT ARROW onto Massachusetts Avenue. From the light with the right arrow, proceed 0.9 miles to Porter Square. You will recognize Porter Square by a large red sculpture spinning in the air to your right. Continue STRAIGHT through Porter Square along Massachusetts Avenue for quite a while. At the intersection of Massachusetts Ave. and Rt. 16 take a RIGHT. There will be a Mobil gas station on the right corner. Go STRAIGHT through a (sometimes) blinking light. Go STRAIGHT through the next light at the intersection of Rt. 16 and Broadway. There will be a Food Master on the right. You should see a sign for Tufts University on the right. At the next light barely enter the rotary and take the hairpin RIGHT up the hill. At the top of the hill go STRAIGHT through the light. Go STRAIGHT through the next light. At the flashing light take a LEFT. Go up the hill and STRAIGHT through the stop sign. Go to the top of the hill and take the third entrance to Visitor parking on your RIGHT.

From Route 95/128, or the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90): From Rt 128 (Interstate 95) take exit 29A, Route 2 East towards Cambridge. Proceed east on Route 2 to the junction of Routes 2 and 16 and stay to the left of the fork, bearing left at the light onto Route 16 east, Alewife Brook Parkway. Follow Route 16 through the first traffic light (Massachusetts Avenue), through two (sometimes) flashing lights, and through a second full light (intersection with Broadway, Foodmaster will be on your right). There will be large blue sign for Tufts University on your right. You will come to a rotary with a yield sign and traffic light. Do not fully enter the rotary but make a sharp right onto Powderhouse Boulevard. Go up the hill and straight though the next two traffic lights. At the flashing light take a left onto Packard Avenue. You are now entering the Tufts campus. Go straight through one stop sign. Go all the way up the hill and you will see signs for Visitorís Parking on your right. You want to take the 3rd driveway entrance on your right. From this parking lot, you will want to walk up the hill (the direction from which you came) and you will enter the Tufts Academic quad. The chapel is easily recognizable, but is the third building on the right, walking down the quad from Packard Avenue.

From the North via Route 93: Take Interstate 93 south to Exit 32 Medford Square. At the bottom of the ramp you will have a yield sign. Stay to the right and take the immediate right fork of the rotary. There will be signs for Medford Square Route 60 West. Move to the center lane and go straight through the first light. Stay in the center lane and at the next light make a left hand turn. You are now on Main Street in Medford. Pass underneath the overpass. Stay to the right at the fork by the Store 24 (on your right). At the flashing light take a right onto George Street. At the stop sign take a left onto College Avenue. You are now entering the outskirts of the Tufts Campus and will see the Tufts gym on your right. Go up the hill and at the stop sign, go straight (veering slightly to the left) and stay on College Avenue. You should see Tufts Campus on your right. Take the next right onto Professorís Row. At the second stop sign take a right onto Packard Avenue. Go all the way up the hill and you will see signs for Visitorís Parking on the right. You want to take the 3rd driveway entrance on your right. See above.

From Boston and the South Shore: Take Interstate 93 north to Exit 31 (Mystic Valley Parkway/Route 16). Take the right exit off of the exit ramp marked Medford Square/Main Street. At the blinking light at the end of this ramp, turn left onto Main Street. Stay to the right at the fork by the Store 24 (on your right). See above.


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