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The Wedding Journal

Welcome to our wedding planning journal! I wanted to keep this to help me remember all the fun, the excitement, and the stress of this wonderful time. In sharing it with you I hope it will bring our guests a little closer to us, get to know us better, and help some other ibrides in their wedding planning as well. Please feel free to comment on anything here – offer suggestions, advice, or just commiserate! We can be reached at

Journal Entries:


January: The Engagement

February: The Fun Begins or Location, Location, Location!

March: A Quiet Month - Wedding Wise at Least!

April: The Photographer

May: The Dress

June: The Florist

July: The Entertainment

August:  Still Searching for Entertainment, Bridesmaids Dresses and Limos!

September:  Still Searching or So Much to Do!

October:  Starting to Feel the Stress!

Special Entry:  The PA Bridal Shower

November:  Five Months and Counting....

December:  Where to Eat - Rehearsal DinnerTrauma


            January:  Three Month Mark!

           February:  Details, Details, Details

           March:  Too Busy to Breathe...

            APRIL:  NEED I SAY MORE....

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