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The Couple

j0083485.wmf (19538 bytes)Because both of our families and many of our friends are spread out across the country, the wedding will actually be the first time some of you meet either myself or Michael. To give you a taste of what you are in for here is just a little bit about us.


How We Met:

Michael and I both went to Tufts University in wonderful Somerville, MA (yes we haven’t gotten very far!) and we met in May 1992 when I was taking a summer course. As fate would have it, Michael was a Resident Assistant in the dorm where I was staying. A group of students would get together at night to play soccer, volleyball, cards, go to the movies, etc… and Michael and I just started hanging out more and more with each other, talking, getting to know each other – and that’s it! The rest, as they say, is history :-)

Since We Met:

The past seven years haven’t always been easy, but we made it! Despite all of the ups and downs I knew it was going to work out when Michael moved to D.C. while I was finishing graduate school at George Washington University. And even though he hated D.C., he stuck it out for me!

What We’re Doing Now:

We’re back in Somerville, which is a fabulous suburb of Boston – right on the "T", lots to do, and great people! Michael is working as a software engineer at Intelligent Automation, a Robotics firm in Cambridge. I’m working outside the city as a Russian analyst at Energy Security Analysis Inc, an energy consulting firm. We just bought a great two-family Victorian home in Somerville, which is currently a work-in-progress, as we had layer upon layer of wallpaper to deal with! We also have two sometimes-very-wonderful-sometimes-not pets, Maverick the Dalmatian and Sabine the Cat.

Michael's Interests:

CARS (specifically Porsches), Sci-fi, and Soccer

To learn more about the fascination with his own and any Porsche, visit Michael's friend Chris' Porsche web page

Lisa’s Interests:

Reading, Cooking, Traveling, Soccer, the Internet, Web page design, Celtic history and all things Russian.


For those of you who may be interested, below are links to various photos of Michael and I over the past seven years! 

The Tufts Years (1992-1994)

The DC Years (1996-1997)

The Somerville Years (1997-1999)

And of course:

The CAR!

The Pets


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