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The Rehearsal


The wedding rehearsal is at 5 pm on April 7th at Goddard chapel, Tufts University.  

Dinner will follow at 6:45 pm at the Elephant Walk in Cambridge.


Directions to the Elephant Walk from Tufts:  

Exit the Visitor’s Parking lot and take a left onto Packard Avenue. Go straight through the first stop sign and at the blinking light/stop sign take a left on to Powderhouse Boulevard. Continue down Powderhouse (alongside the Tufts Campus) until you come to the stop sign at Powderhouse Rotary. When clear, enter the rotary and take the second spoke to the right onto College Avenue. (For those of you not from Massachusetts: The drivers in the rotary have the right of way so you must yield to them when entering the rotary.) Continue down College Avenue. At the second light (Store 24 will be on your right side and you are in Davis Square), take a wide left onto Elm Street. Stay in your right hand lane. Go through one light. You will pass two small side streets on your right hand side. You want to take a right hand turn onto Beech Street. Beech is the first MAIN intersection after the light. Go straight down Beech and at the light take a right onto Massachusetts Avenue. Go through one light. You will see a gas station on your right – take a right hand turn between the gas station and the red brick building. Take an immediate left into the Elephant Walk Parking lot. Most of this parking is available to Elephant Walk Patrons after 6 pm. See sign upon entering for restrictions. The Elephant Walk is located in the red brick building. Walk from the parking lot around the building onto Massachusetts Avenue. Our dinner is in the downstairs function room.

Directions to the Elephant Walk from the Hyatt:

Exit the Hyatt taking a right at the light onto Memorial Drive. Proceed through the first two stop lights. After the second light move into the right lane. Go straight through the third light. At the fourth light (1.7 miles from the Hyatt) take a right onto JFK. Staying in your right lane, go up JFK street through the first 2 lights. You are in the heart of Harvard Square. At the third light you are forced to veer to the left – stay in the right lane but veer left. You are now merging onto Massachusetts Avenue. Go straight through the next light and you will come to a fork. Stay to the RIGHT but take the LEFT fork. Continue straight, staying right, and at the next light you will have a RIGHT ARROW onto Massachusetts Avenue. From the light with the right arrow, proceed 0.9 miles to Porter Square. You will recognize Porter Square by a large red sculpture spinning in the air to your right. Continue through Porter Square for another 0.3 miles. You will first see a car wash and gas station on your right, immediately after the gas station take a right hand turn. Then take an immediate left into the parking lot behind the Elephant Walk. See above.

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